Poorvanga Music Academy


Levels of Course


All the lessons are designed to prepare students for the next level of learning!


This level containing lessons that will help elevate students to a concert level!


This is the part of the lesson that helps students to increase their imagination and bring out their full potential on their own!


In this level have standard syllabus that includes difficult exercises that will enlarge students' musical ability!

About examination

‘Winning doesn’t always means being first’
• The exam evaluation the students ability of learning It is an effective way to analyze the knowledge of students it is a measurement of how much they learn and constraint in the study an exam is for self improvement
• Once the students enrolled into basic level, the exam will be conducted after completing of each levels

Award and Reward system

• If the students obtain 65% at each level, we will be arranging 10 live classes for those students along with music artists and all the cost and expenditure will be sponsored by poorvanga.
• Students who all obtain above 80% at each year will be rewarded by cashback as follows:
  1st prize - Rs.8000
  2nd prize – Rs.6000
  3rd prize – Rs.4000
The cashback will be provided only in the form of musical instruments.
Ex. If the vocal students won the 1st prize he/she will be awarded by 8000 worthable tambura Shruthi box etc.
• Academic topper achievements will be uploaded officially through our website for their career growth and forecasting.
• We will organize programs and competitions for each and every festivals and occasions, so that the students can expose their talents, and all the performance will be uploaded through our you-tube channel.

Poorvanga Music Academy